Cristiano Ronaldo Controversy comes to an end

Hello friends in this post i am going to tell you about the hottest issue from the field of football i.e Cristiano Ronaldo transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Today the hottest news that you found from the field of football is the controversy of Cristiano Ronaldo.This is the first time in the history of football that £80million is given to any player for its transfer. The earlier news from the field of football is that this Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly refused to go back to Manchester United and face coach Sir Alex Ferguson.With the Spanish giants finally prepared to make an official 70-million bid, Ronaldo has decided against his return to Manchester.That will see Real make their move at last before the end of the week, with a draft plan that envisages the signing being completed by August 14 – and Ronaldo becoming the most expensive player in football history.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson

The only reality that i think behind the Ronaldo controversy is only the tip of the iceberg. There are other players, like Alexander Hleb and Emmanuel Adebayor of Arsenal, trying to break their contracts with their clubs in search of more lucrative deals. This cannot be allowed. All players enter into their contracts after free negotiations. Once the contract is signed, they must abide by it.Loyalty, too, seems to have become an outmoded concept as far as modern footballers are concerned, and clearly contracts mean nothing more to them than pieces of paper to be used as bargaining chips when something better comes along.

Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid

Now It is not possible.

“My desire was, for some time, that Manchester had accepted my transfer to Madrid. Saying otherwise would be to trick people and my own consciousness.”He further added that his dream of playing for the Merengues is real and does not close the door on a future move to Santiago Bernabéu.
Now these Ronaldo comments put an end to the speculation and war of words between United and Real concerning the top scorer in the English Premiership last season.Now the final news from this controversy up to date is that, Ronaldo confirmed that he will play the next session for the Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo


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  1. 1

    jenny said,

    CR7 ROXXXXX!!!!

  2. 4

    alison said,

    he is my favorite player!!
    i cant believe hes worth sooo much money!

  3. 5

    ibrahim said,

    i am suprizing for you becaouse you one of the claver boy in the world.
    thank you so much to coming real madred ok.i love you!143

  4. 6

    chimanbarvaliya said,

    Hi! ronaldo. How are you? I will meet you so you come in surat in gujarat (india)
    Best of luck for your next match.

  5. 7

    modesta said,

    shume i fort ronaldo mekat qe ka shku ne madrid

  6. 8

    modesta said,

    Shum i fort je RONALDO shum stila te fort ne football ki bye nga Modesta

  7. 9

    lauren said,

    i love him

  8. 10

    Jwan said,

    You are so so so very sweet C.Ronaldo. I love you for ever.

  9. 11

    sofia said,

    hay ronaldo you are the best players in the whole world and I hope you get well baby how are you now? i love you very much

  10. 12

    sofia said,

    you are the best players in the whole world and I hope you get well baby c.ronaldo

  11. 13

    iyo said,

    Great Work , i really loved those wallpapers . thank’s bother .

  12. 14

    nathália said,

    eu amuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu o chritiano ronaldo

  13. 15

    abdul hassan said,

    i would like him to be back in manchestar unaited

  14. 16

    Kristi said,

    Christiano je 1sh fare vazhdo kshu

  15. 17

    diego said,

    c.ronaldo ik hou van je veel en jij bent beste player in the world ilove you c.ronaldoooooooooo

  16. 18

    cindrella said,

    hi, my sweet cry baby………………

    i lve the way u play left n right winger n d way u strike the ball.its really amazing…………………………………… i alwys lve to admir e ur play.

  17. 19

    robinho said,

    i don like ronaldo i like my self

  18. 20

    Odigie victor said,

    Hi! Master C.Ronaldo, I really admire your style of play, you are such a fabulous player

  19. 21

    moesha said,

    hey crissy luv u very much u r ma biggest fan in di whole wurl u r sooooooooooooo sexy all ur abs dey r to die 4 i wish u all di best dat gurl is so lucky to marry u!!! bye boooo!!!!!!!

  20. 22

    5 mistakes said,

    Your site is pretty interesting to me and your subject matter is very relevant. I was browsing around and came across something you might find interesting. I was guilty of 3 of them with my sites. “99% of site managers are doing these five errors”. You will be suprised how easy they are to fix.

  21. 23

    Ahmad Shakib said,

    Ronaldo u are the best

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