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Indian athletes cannot respect most officials: Bindra

Hello friends in this post i am going to told you about what Abhinav Bindra’s thinks about other athletes of India and what are the issues where Abhinav Bindra thinking did not matched with other athletes.
In an interview given to The Times of India he said, “Indian athletes have no respect for most officials”,he also added they have to be on good terms because one needs to survive. But most officials, and many of the so-called coaches who travel with the shooting team, know nothing about the sport. The athletes don’t talk about this because their careers are at stake. And the officials unfortunately don’t care.”He gave another insight into why Indian sports was in a mess, letting slip in the middle of a discussion that he flew to Beijing from Germany, where he had gone for training, on his own expense! “Though part of the expense of my training in Germany was funded by the government, the IOA refused to give me a ticket from Germany to China.

Abhinav Bindra

Abhinav Bindra

They said I had to first come back to India and I could get a ticket from here.The stunning disclosure by Abhinav Bindra that he paid for his own ticket to Beijing, unfortunately doesn’t really come as a surprise. Although he did not say it in as many words, the revelation told an eloquent story of the usual uncaring, bureaucratic sports officialdom. He did, however, say the current official set-up should be replaced with a professional body for each sport, headed by a CEO, who would be given targets. In other words, accountability could ensure brighter results.On the behavior of media he said that, the media’s obsession with cricket clearly touches a raw nerve with Bindra. “Why not just rename the sports pages ‘cricket pages’? In Australia, other sports like rugby are given as much importance as cricket, and Australia is a great cricketing nation. On answering a question of Times of India he said, We wanted to know what it would take to make India’s sporting power. Bindra didn’t have pat answers. “I have no magic solution,” he said. But he certainly knew that the current system was rotten and it would not create the transformation.


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