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Google is going to launch its browser “Google Chrome”

Ya you are hearing correct, now the internet search giant Google has finally made its much-rumoured entry in the browser space. After the latest releases by Mozilla (Firefox 3) and Microsoft (IE 8 beta 2), here comes Google browser Chrome.

Google's Browser Chrome

Google's Browser Chrome

Designed to better handle video-rich or other complex Web programmes, Chrome poses a tough challenge to browsers designed originally to handle text and graphics. Google calls the move “a fresh take on the browser” and said that it will be introducing a public trial for Microsoft Corp Windows users starting September 2.The software, which is in beta, will be distributed for free to PC users in over 100 countries via Google’s blog. The Internet search leader is also working on versions for Apple Macintosh and Linux users.

Lets take a look at the various features of this browser:

1.Special Tabs:Instead of traditional tabs like those seen in Firefox or Internet Explorer, Chrome puts the tab buttons on the upper side of the window, not below the address bar.Web programmes can be launched in their own dedicated windows.This will definitely change the look and feel of this browser in comparison to other browser.

2.Speed Dial:As a default homepage, the browser offers a “speed dial” feature, similar to the one in Opera browser. This gives users a view of their most visited Web pages in 9 screenshot thumbnails.Similarly, users can also view some of their recent searches, recently bookmarked pages and recently closed tabs.

3.Privacy Mode:Like IE8 Beta 2, Chrome also comes with privacy mode or porn mode feature. This mode lets users create an “incognito” window where “nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged onto your computer.”This is a read-only feature with access to one’s bookmarks or favorite sites.

4.Address Bar:The browser has an address bar ‘omnibox’ with auto-completion features. It offers search suggestions, top pages that a user visited and pages he didn’t visit but are popular.The omnibox (“omni” is a prefix meaning “all”, as in “omniscient” – “all-knowing”) also gives suggests searches. The browser’s search blank keeps a track of keywords in a users’ previous visit, allowing one to type in, say, “cellphone” to pull up any web pages he visited recently that pertained to cellphones, say Nokia.

5.Security:For safe browsing experience, Chrome will regularly keep on downloading a list of harmful sites. This is the Internet search giant’s attempt to fight malware and phishing attacks.Google also promises that whatever will run in a tab will be filtered so that it doesn’t affect user’s machine.However, users who install plugins may loose this security feature.

6.Multitasking:The browser supports multi-tasking. Just like in a typical operating system each application is given its own memory and its own copy of global data structures. Applications will launch in their own windows so that if one should hang or crash it won’t affect the others.This will also prevent the whole browser from crashing because it’s essentially been partitioned off.

8.Java Script Virtual machine V8:Google Chrome has a new engine for loading interactive JavaScript code, dubbed V8, which is designed to run the next generation of future Web applications. V8 will speed up JavaScript performance in the browser.


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Internet Without Google

Hello friends in this post we are just doing an imagination,what will happen if is disappeared from the world of internet.I can say that it is the same thing as life without water.Although, Google has been playing the role of bully this year , but still I keep on falling in love with it and have accepted the fact, that I can’t live without it.As we self don’t know we use a lot of google products on the internet and these products has made our life very comfortable on the internet.Here i am going to list all the products that Google provides to us: is the largest collection of videos that you found on internet.At youtube you will find videos from each field of your imagination like sports,movies,science,history,technology or any other thing that you want. is the social networking site of google that it provide to us.With the help of orkut we can be in touch with our friends,relatives or girlfriends.Here with the help of it you are able to know what’s happening around their lives as they keep on updating about themselves on Orkut. you are provided a blog on which you can share your thoughts with other and also able to know what’s the other people think.

4.Google Adsense:Google Adsense is the easiest way on the internet to earn money,the only requirement for this you must have a well maintained website.If you had this then Google Adsense is waiting for you.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

5.Gmail: is the best mail service that i think exists on the internet.It provides you maximum mail space in comparison to any other mail service.At gmail you don’t have to worry about the spams.

About GTalk we can say that it is the messenger service of the Google.With the help of it you can be in touch with your friends,chat with them and share data with them.The main advantage of using GTalk is that it is very light weight in comparison to other messenger services.



7.Google Analytics: Google analytics helps me in keeping the track of number of readers, I get on my blog. This way I can set the plans for the blogs and ensuring that I can keep my readers happy and that I can provide the content they are looking for.

8.Google Calendar:Another service, which helps me keep the reminders handy and ensuring that I can wish all my friends and relatives on time. Apart, from that helps me manage various other things which I can’t keep in mind always. It has helped me in being productive too.

For accessing all these services of Google all you need is a Google account.If you have a Google Account then you can easily access all these services by Google.

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